Petals of blue cornflower


Petals of blue cornflower. Cornflowers are rich in mineral salts and pectin, which gives a bitter taste. Petals of red cornflower (without cups) are used in folk medicine as a urine-fueled, bile-excreting agent, as a liver disinfectant.

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Petals of blue cornflower.
Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus). The homeland of cornflower is Asia, later cornflowers spread throughout Europe (except the northern part). From the earliest times, their healing properties are known and appreciated. Cheyron, the wisest and most daring centaur, gave the Latin name for the plant. Half-man, half-horse was injured by the poison of Hercules. However, the elixir, that was made of cornflowers did not allow him to die.

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