Set of herbs and petals Notes of the Taste


Your work starts now! Choose your herbs, petals and buds and mix them together to create magical and perfect flavor of your own.
Close your eyes, imagine how you put different herbs together, which one will be the main herb, which one will be just a small accent in your magical and delicious dream.
Pour with 85-95℃ hot water for the tea to reveal its best features. And now… you can please your palate with a masterpiece of your own.


This set contains 20 pcs. of different ingredients for your own tea:

honey bush tea, rooibos tea, red rose bud tea, pink rose petals, blue cornflowers, jasmine blossoms, orange blossoms, milfoil, chamomile blossoms, linden blossoms, lavender blossoms, lapacho bark, rosehip skins, hibiscus tea, melissa, thyme, willowherb, barberries, calamus root pieces, lemon grass.

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