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Fennel itself looks similar to dill and the aroma is similar to aniseed. Lightly baked fennel is used in variety of dishes, ranging from light vegetable soups, salads and side dishes to cakes, puddings and jams. It is possible to boil fennel with hot water and drink the decoction as tea. Used in liqueurs, baking bread and confectionery. It is used to flavor the fish, especially carp, also mayonnaise, soups, sauces, preserved cucumbers and cold snacks. Goes well with cucumber, dill, star anise, aniseed, onion and garlic.

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Fennel – mystical powers have been attributed to this plant: in England, the fennel branches were hanging on the door to protect themselves from incitement and evil spirits; in Greece, fennel is a symbol of success, and long fennel stems are considered sacred, because legends say that heroes have brought fire to the earth with them.

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