Coriander seeds

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Coriander seeds enrich the food with vitamins and is used to make dishes such as: bread, poultry, fish, cabbage, vegetables or even gourmet dishes, used to flavor the coffee or vinegar. Coriander is a safe plant, you can use a regular spoon of coriander instead of a small teaspoon, also you can drink up to 3 glasses of coriander tea per day. Spices, that go well with coriander: black pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, basil, fennel, garlic, onion.

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Coriander seeds  (Coriandrum Sativum) – country of origin is the Mediterranean region. It is believed to be the oldest known spice in human history mentioned in the Bible. The Roman legionaries took the coriander with themselves to the war, so it soon became widespread in northern Europe.

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