Ceylon cinnamon (ground)

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Cinnamon is mostly used in baked goods, mashed potatoes and ice cream. Perfect for apples, dairy rice soup. It is worth to try it with minced meat dishes. Cinnamon-chicken or a simple chicken dish will be amazing.  A warm, intense and sweet aroma of cinnamon is perfect with all the sweet dishes. Frying cinnamon in oil along with Indian caraway, chili and turmeric will make a great blend for soup and stew flavoring. You can also make cinnamon tea or just add cinnamon to your regular coffe cup to get a super scented and unique coffee.

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Cinnamon (lot. Cinnamonum verum).

Homeland of Cinnamon – Ceylon, Sri Lanka and Southwest India (Kerala region). The aroma of cinnamon is memorable, hot, spicy, it has a sweet flavor. Cinnamon can be added to rice, legumes, vegetable dishes, snacks, sauces, sweet dishes.
When cinnamon was brought to the West by the Arabs, they strictly guarded the secret of its origin, there were legends created by further mystifying this spice. Cinnamon is one of the oldest aphrodisiacs used in Egypt, it was emphasizing high origin, luxury and the state of the society.

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