Black caraway

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Black caraway – taste and aroma of these seeds is spicy, but pleasant. Black caraway is suitable to sprinkle salads, ground black cawaway strengthens the aroma of black coffee and black tea. To make the black caraway aroma to fully open, it common to fry it in hot oil before adding to the dish. If there are no other instructions, use one teaspoon of black caraway for 3-4 servings.

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Black caraway (Nigella sativa) originally from Southern Europe, but also grow in Central and Southeast Asia, North America, North Africa. In Lithuania, this plant is rarely cultivated. Suitable for tanning cabbage, cucumber, watermelon. It is also added to the sweet dishes, served on baked goods made from yeast dough. Dedicated to vegetable dishes, different baked dishes with vegetable filling, it gives them a peculiar aroma.

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