ARABICA coffee with chili


ARABICA coffee with chili – the coffee has a long-lasting taste and smell, is very soft and seductive. When these beans are rousted –  sugar that is on the surface of the coffee beans gets caramelized and it gives the coffee extra sweetness, so the coffee is neither bitter nor strong. Coffee gets more aroma when drinking it with cream.



ARABICA coffee with saffron, ingredients: ground ARABICA coffee beans (95.5%), chili (0.05%).

Arabic coffee (lot. Arabica) grows in the western part of Ethiopia. These are especially appreciated coffee beans that grow in mountains and are also called the alpine coffee. Arabic beans are characterized by an optimum acidity and a rich taste, which happens because of a special cultivation condition. If you want to feel the best and true aroma of your coffee – ground the coffee beans just before making a cup of coffee. A very important component for a good coffee is the water – it must be fresh and soft.

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