We are a private joint-stock company “Prieskonių ambasada”, located in the very heart of Vilnius Old Town. The first mixtures of seasoned tea with the trademark “7 Ievos namai” were created in 2005.

Today the company JSC “Prieskonių ambasada” sells 250 unique products that are appreciated and loved by the Lithuanians and foreign guests from Europe and all over the world. Inspired by the great reviews of products, we are expanding our range of new products using herbs, tea herbs and spices with unique properties.

“7 Ievos namai” – the tea of original recipes, natural spices, delicious preserves, jams, spreads, garnishes, sauces. The company trades in exclusive, handmade products manufactured and patented in Lithuania.

Currently we trade in 6 trading places around Lithuania, also we have partners in different cities of Lithuania, that sell our production. We participate and present our products in the exhibitions of in the largest cities of Lithuania, in the events and celebrations of cities and towns. Every year we take part in the largest European food exhibitions and fairs: Excell London, RIO FIERRA in Milan, FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE MARSEILLE, Food fair in Tallinn.

“7 Ievos namai” products are unique and superior to other products of the same group because:

  • plants and herbs are selected only from their native country of growth, which guarantees the highest quality raw material. This how the freshness of the product, the effectiveness of the active substances are protected;
  • all products are 100 percent natural, without any added additives or impurities;
  • all raw materials are selected, chopped, chosen, checked, mixed, we pack raw materials by ourselves, preserving their properties;
  • because of the composition containing special herbs such as blue, red, black cornflower, black currant buds, etc.;
  • Lithuanian hand-made tea, tea and spice mixes, as well as preserves and jams;
  • original recipes of herbal teas, tea blends, spice teas;
  • exclusive, original packaging;

What does the trademark “7 Ievos namai” mean?

Number 7 symbolizes fullness, success, wealth.

Bird-cherry – a tree of life.

Home – warmth, coziness.

All this is combined in a cozy, warm, full of life and fullness “7 Ievos namai”.

Trademark “7 Ievos namai” is managed by JSC “Prieskonių ambasada”.